Diversify Your Charitable Contribution
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Welcome to Charify! This is a place to research charities, corporations, and crowd-funding oppertunities. You can join a cause, or create an event or fundraiser. We make it easy to split one donation across many destinations at once, reducing the merchant processing fees associated with donating online to multiple sites. Find Out More

Charify and You Shall Receive
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When you make a donation to Charify, you have access to our network of discounts on products and services in our community section (under development). View Charify Discounts

Join or Create an Event or Fundraiser

List or join a fundraiser through Charify! It's quick, free, and effective. It takes about 10 mintues to post your event, and it's free of charge. We give you the tools to increase online exposure, and the ability to manage your fundrasing event without having to pay a penny.

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